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A career in oil & gas – what role is right for you? What are your transferable skills? Do you need further training?
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Going to university or college is an option if you want to enhance your existing skills or make a career change but it depends what your ambitions and goals are as there are many courses to choose from.

There are hundreds of online resources to assist you when looking at roles in oil & gas - a lot of oil & gas organisations will use their own career websites to advertise new roles, some use online recruitment companies and others prefer employment agencies.

Working offshore in the North Sea is a very attractive career option - with a variety of opportunities and job roles, it’s an exciting part to the oil & gas industry. In order to travel and work offshore, employees will require to have the relevant safety training.

The oil & gas industry offers an exciting variety of career opportunities in the UK – more than you may think.Roles vary from an engineer to a chef, a chemist to a diver, an accountant to a lawyer –you could find yourself working on global projects, liaising with employees all over the world.

Depending on what career pathway is suitable to you, you may need additional training to progress, especially if you are transferring into oil & gas from another industry.

This training could include offshore survival, health and safety or even soft skills.

The oil & gas industry holds a breadth of opportunities for military leavers – it is recognised that there is a wide range of transferable skill sets for both on and offshore roles.There is a vast amount of information available to help assist you and we have identified numourous useful links and tools online to help point you in the right direction.

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Keep up-to-date with the latest news from the Industry

Safety Moment

An LMRP Skid slid uncontrollably to the Skid Set-Back area during bad weather, trapping a man underneath. No-one was harmed. Lesson identified: Extra risks are involved when completing tasks in bad weather.

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