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Offshore Training

The majority of companies require you to have undertaken some of the following courses before you can travel and work offshore and the training needs to be carried out in an OPITO approved training provider – there are over 150 training centres across the UK.

It is true that each employee working offshore should have completed the relevant safety training BUT, it is a common misconception that having this training will guarantee you a job if you are new to the industry.  Unfortunately, this is not the case and you should think carefully before undertaking this training.  A number of oil & gas organisations will put your through the training if they are confident you are the right person for the role.

BOSIET – Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training

The BOSIET course will introduce you to the specific safety issues and regimes relevant to an oil rig, and to equip you with the basic emergency response knowledge and skills for travelling to an oil rig by helicopter.The training is specifically for employees who are new to the offshore industry.

MIST – Minimum Industry Safety Training

The MIST programme will introduce you to the key safety elements required to work in the oil & gas industry. It also ensures the knowledge and understanding of these basic safety elements are maintained and current amongst the existing workforce.MIST training is for employees who are new to the offshore industry.

FOET – Further Offshore Emergency Training

The FOET is for current employees who work offshore.It is designed to meet the further offshore safety and emergency response training requirements for personnel working in the offshore oil and gas industry. Delegates have the opportunity to practice and demonstrate emergency response skills which are not possible to practice during drills, exercises and emergency offshore training.

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