Career Advice

The internet plays host to numerous careers websites and advice portals that are targeted at school pupils, more importantly, different websites will target different levels of skills and ambitions.

A number of your pupils will not progress to further education and will look to enter the world of work straight from school – some may know exactly the role they want to explore, others will need further help.Directing pupils to oil & gas company careers sites will allow them to look at job descriptions and job requirements which will allow them to think about their own skills set.

Young people respond to real life situations and interactivity. You can request a school visit from an industry expert to present and talk to the pupils about their experiences and look online for interactive advice and career profiles for example.

Pupils will be required to produce a CV throughout the latter stages of school.

Whether this is for part-time or full-time employment – there are useful tools online that feature step-by-step guides to building a CV and provide helpful interview tips.

For those who are a little unsure about which role they are suited to, there are career planners available online which produce personal recommendations for each pupil based on their strengths and interests.

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