The Oil & Gas Industry

Over 400 million years ago...

The oil & gas industry today, employs over 375,000 people across the UK in a number of different roles and careers.  A common misconception of the industry is that roles are based on an oil rig, they involve hard hats and overalls but in fact, only 10% of the oil & gas industry is based offshore. A very healthy UK export market also holds a breadth of roles and career options for the next generation.

There are many opportunities for pupils to visit oil & gas industry exhibitions where pupils can meet current employees and look at new pieces of technology that are currently being created – they will have the opportunity to ask questions and look at a range of different companies and services.

The formation process is a gradual and extensive one, starting over 400 million years ago – the oil & gas is formed under the right pressure and temperature beneath layers upon layers of source rock and is housed in reservoirs.It’s these reservoirs that industry exploration companies need to find before the drilling and extraction process takes place.

Extracting the oil & gas from these reservoirs is where the industry really comes to life.Since the 1960’s, a professional expertise has been developed in the UK and globally, and is still progressing today

There are many different types of oil & gas organisations that look after different parts of the extraction process and fall into the following categories:

Operators own the drilling rights for a block or section of the North Sea.

Contractors, with a strong health and safety focus, provide a range of equipment and services covering everything from drilling to general maintenance.

Supply Chain companies provide essential products and services both within and between other oil & gas organisations.

Subsea companies are a relatively new and expanding part of the oil & gas industry, with new technology being discovered to assist with oil extraction from wells in particularly difficult places.

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