It is vital for your pupil’s future to give them the correct information and constructive advice.

Qualifications in STEM subjects provide pupils with a broad base for their future careers.  By advising pupils to study STEM subjects, opens up a range of careers in engineering, technical and commercial disciplines.

It’s not just knowledge that attracts employers to candidates who have studied STEM, the skills pupils gain while studying - teamwork, communication, practical, problem-solving and producing creative solutions - are particularly attractive.

The demand in oil & gas for science, engineering and technological roles exceeds supply which means there are a vast amount of roles available in the UK, and globally.STEM also opens up a range of other industries including environment and energy.

Using practical activities that are both relevant to the subject and to your pupil’s real life experiences will have a positive impact on their learning.

The National STEM Centre houses the UK’s largest collection of STEM teaching and learning materials, providing you access to a wide range of high-quality support resources, including:

Professional development assistance
Planning tools
Case studies
Practical tools
Career links
Online learning module
STEM Manager and STEM Planner to help teachers plan STEM provision across the academic year

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