There are a number of benefits for both the employer and the employee

A number of oil & gas organisations may choose to have their internal staff development schemes accredited by one of the institutes.

This is typically in the form of accreditation for a graduate development programme which would enable routes to chartership or incorporated status for their engineers.

Alternatively, companies can sponsor accountancy employees towards their accountancy professional registration with CIMA or equivalent for example.

The benefits for the employer to have their development programmes accredited are two-fold.

Firstly by offering an accredited scheme to future graduate hires will increase the chances of a successfulrecruitment campaign. Typically graduates will wish to work towards professional registration.

Secondly, when competing for work, employers being able to demonstrate a high level of chartered or incorporated engineering expertise to client projects, will increase their competitive advantage.

Increasingly, oil & gas employers are seeking professional registration for applicants in senior roles such as lead/principal engineers or technical management positions.

The benefits to the employee can include the opportunity for accelerated career progression and be more marketable in the industry.

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