Onshore Oil & Gas

Although production on shore has been small compared to offshore, it has played an important role.

During the Second World War, drilling was carried out in Nottinghamshire to provide oil for the war effort, which was celebrated by the 'Oil Patch Warrior' memorial at Dukes Wood.  In 1973, oil was discovered at Wytch Farm in Dorset, an area of oustanding natural beauty.  The oilfield became the largest onshore in Western Europe, and at peak in the 1990's was producing over 100,000 barrels a day.

Today, there are around 120 producing sites including Wytch Farm, with around 300 operating wells producing more than 20,000 of barrels of oil per day.

Oil & gas from shale offer the possibility of a major expansion of the onshore industry.  The British Geologial Survey has estimated that the UK holds over 1,400 trillion cubic feet of natural gas from shale.  Exploration and appraisal work needs to be carried out to assess whether it can be produced commercially, but if just 10% can be recovered, it would be enough to meet the UK's entire gas needs for nearly 50 years.

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