Skills Organisations are generally non-profit making bodies who concentrate on attracting, developing and retaining skills for the Oil and Gas industry.

Skills organisations work collaboratively across many sectors including education authorities, government, universities and colleges and the industry itself. The main objective for a skills organisation is to ensure that the industry has a sustainable pipeline of talent both now and in the future.

As the skills organisation for oil and gas, OPITO supports the oil and gas industry to build a sustainable, competent and safe workforce. We are the custodian of industry standards in emergency response, and industry training and competence. With our industry partners we work to maintain a skilled workforce by developing targeted initiatives and programmes designed to ensure a sustainable supply of skilled individuals into the oil and gas sector.

Through close liaison and collaboration with our industry and government partners, we provide coherent, informed guidance on key areas of skills policy for our sector including career pathways and training opportunities for the next generation, and promoting and signposting careers in the industry.

We continue to gather and analyse intelligence and research to inform the development of critical skills solutions, building strategic partnerships, connecting industry stakeholders and facilitating effective collaborations to align skills demand with effective skills supply.

The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) is the statutory organisation, national training provider and awarding body with responsibility for the training and development of the UK’s engineering construction workforce.

Providing professional advice, information, skills development and qualifications, ECITB help individuals within engineering construction succeed in their chosen careers.

Working closely with industry employers, their training programmes and Vocational Qualifications guarantee competence in practical craft and technician occupations as well as the technical, management supervisory, design and project management skills.

Managing a national skills training fund, the ECITB invests £20 million each year in providing the advice, information and support engineering construction employers need to attract, develop and qualify the people they need to create a sustainable and competitive workforce.

Skills for Energy focuses on delivering skilled people to the industry for long-term careers and ensuring the existing workforce continues to meet the industry’s needs into the future. It is centred on addressing core skills needs across all energy sectors, both technical and commercial, achieved through collaborative partnerships.

On behalf of the industry, Skills for Energy works with education, academia and the public sector to promote the exciting career opportunities ensure that resources and support mechanisms are effectively targeted to maximise impact. Skills for Energy produced a Regional Energy Skills Strategy Report that will inform the delivery of others to ensure that it addresses the needs of the energy industry in the East of England.

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