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Life after University or College. What roles in oil & gas are available? Maybe a graduate programme is right for you?
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A Postgraduate Degree is an excellent way to enhance your prospects as it can highlight your ability to work at the highest academic level and demonstrate your commitment and dedication to a subject.

A common misconception of the oil & gas industry is that all the roles are based offshore, wearing a hard hat and a boilersuit and getting your hands dirty – this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Institutes, created to promote areas of specialism, provide you with training and development towards achieving ‘chartered status’. Gaining ‘chartered status’ will demonstrate to an organisation that you have reached the level of competency required for your profession.

A number of companies within the oil & gas industry offer structured Graduate Programmes - typically accredited by institutes.

There are a number of useful websites and resources to lead you to the right course for you and to help you through the application process.

An oil & gas industry work placement offers an exciting insight into the way the oil & gas industry operates.

You will have the opportunity to see first-hand what a role in oil & gas would entail, gaining hands-on experience whilst working as a valuable member of a team.

Find out which Oil & Gas jobs you're most suited to

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Find out which Oil & Gas jobs you're most suited to


A coiled-tubing contractor was tightening a lever-style chain binder on an injector head. The contractor’s hand slipped off the handle and struck him on the chin, resulting in a number of chipped and cracked teeth. Lessons identified: Workers should position themselves carefully when carrying out work.

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