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What you are going to do after school. Go to University? College? Apply for an apprenticeship? Apply for a job?
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What do you want to know?

A modern apprenticeship is a job and workplace training rolled into one!

Did you know… enough oil has been produced to fill 1.5 million Olympic-sized swimming pools and the gas extracted to date would fill nearly 1 billion hot air balloons! According to the UK Oil & Gas Economic Report, there is at least 15 - 24 billion barrels of oil still at the bottom of the North Sea… worth over one trillion dollars!

It’s one of the most difficult and important decisions you will ever have to make – what do I do when I leave school?  Should I go to university/college? It comes down to YOU, and what your ambitions and goals are… No pressure!

Where do we start?

The oil & gas industry offers a wide range of career opportunities – from scientists working in laboratories researching the uses of oil, to selling the latest revolutionary products – there are thousands of careers in oil & gas, and it’s not always easy to find out the right information for you!

Discover the journey of Oil & Gas

Use our interactive fact finder map to learn where our oil comes from and how it gets to us.
Discover the journey of Oil & Gas

Find out which Oil & Gas jobs you're most suited to

Take our interactive personality quiz to help you discover which jobs in Oil & Gas you're most suited to
Find out which Oil & Gas jobs you're most suited to


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A worker fell down a 0.5m walkway on a land-rig in the dark, and sustained significant injuries. Lesson identified: Extra care must be taken in the dark and easily-identifiable barriers must be placed around potentially dangerous areas.

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