The Oil & Gas Journey

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	The Oil & Gas Journey
Fact 1
Did you know?
Did you know that more people have walked on the moon than have dived to the deepest parts of the ocean?
Fact 2
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There are 383 producing fields in the North Sea, 17 of which started production in 2008
Fact 3
The oil rig entry point
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That only 6% of people employed in the oil & gas industry are based offshore?
Fact 4
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There is a network of 14,000 km of pipelines linking 107 oil platforms, 181 gas platforms and a large number of subsea installations.
Fact 5
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A tanker can also offer a shuttle service for the hydrocarbons from the platform to the onshore terminal; or, once separated oil can be loaded into tankers ready for export.
Fact 6
The On-land oil refinery
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Only some of the oil produced is suitable for fuelling planes, trains and cars or heating factories, schools and homes. It is also used to make many things from phones to footballs, toothbrushes to tents.
Fact 7
Gas transport
Did you know?
Gas is transported in liquid form (LNG - Liquid Natural Gas). It takes up much less space - reduces its volume 600 times!

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